Artist Vic Barr

Artist Vic Barr: "In 1993 Vic found himself in Boston for a convention. During a tour of the USS Constitution, he obtained several pieces of the oak timbers from the hull. With those pieces and a dexterous hand, Vic created 'heritage pieces' - pens and desk sets that were sold with a Certificate of Authenticity only to those for whom the ship held special meaning. The emotional response from the owners of those pieces was overwhelming. Vic had realized his opus - art that was meaningful to both the artist and the buyer. 'I am happiest in my workshop - making drawers fit perfectly, feeling them slide smoothly. And retaining the beauty of the wood. Wood is beautiful in it's own right, I don't want to cover it, disguise it, or put it on a production line. It should express itself and me. If I can reuse heritage woods that have a history or hold special meaning for the buyer, well, that's even more satisfying'."

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