Annie Smith Piffel, Gateway Gallery

Annie Smith Piffel, Gateway Gallery: "An “artist in training” since childhood Annie Smith Piffel spent her Saturday mornings drawing along with Jon Gnagy’s art show. She considers “plein air painting to be a slice of heaven.” Annie's work in pastels, oils, acrylics and watercolors range from realistically detailed still lifes to vibrant abstracts. While her style is varied she believes that each piece speaks its own language. Annie's work is on permanent display at the Clayton, MO City Hall and included in corporate as well as private collections across the country.

Annie is a mentor to many of the students that have received private art instruction from her or attended her classes at St. Louis Community College. She encourages her students to create, imagine, explore and play. She hopes to ignite their passion and feed their spirit through their own art making process."

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