Raku Pottery Aumakua Vessel: Sea Turtle

Raku Pottery Aumakua Vessel: Sea Turtle
- $ 69.99
The sea turtle often represents wisdom, happiness and long life. If a turtle enters your home, it brings with it the deep wisdom of the ocean and the gifts of relaxation and longevity. Our Raku Aumakua Vessel features the spirit of the Sea Turtle, beautifully displayed atop its' lid. The lidded vessel displays a fantastic glow of warm colors - glimmering shades of burnt orange, copper, blue, and maroon. Each piece is hand-thrown in clay, placed in an outdoor kiln and fired to over 2000-degrees. While molten hot, the vessel is placed in a pit with banana leaves and wood shavings that burst into flames. This intense, immediate reaction creates the one-of-a-kind variation on each vessel. Handcrafted in the USA and signed by the artist.

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